Monday, August 6, 2007

Stroller Dilema

We are going on our first "family" vacation with the wonder twins in a week. We are going to probably the most un-family place...Nantucket. J and I love the islands and missed not going last summer. So off we go next week with 15 month old twins. First dilema was finding a place that would take kids. Once we crossed that hurdle the next hurdle has been what to bring. Since we are not bringing a car we will basically be pack mules and lugging eveything. This brings me to the stroller debate. We have a Graco duoglider and then two cheap kolcraft umbrella strollers. We have decided to bring all 3 strollers. What do you think? Crazy? I'm going back and forth on this. If you've travelled with twins let me know what is essential to pack and what you did re: stroller issue

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